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New Years Sweepstakes Winner

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New Years Sweepstakes Winner Mary S.!


Quality Seafood Sweepstakes Winner Mary S.

For all you doubters, including Mary, we really do give away awesome sweepstakes prizes. Mary claimed her $100 Quality Seafood Gift Card and was able to get a boatload of seafood for their post-Valentine’s feast. They were able to get dungeness crab, oysters shucked to order, steamed shrimp and even had some left over for their NEXT visit.

We’re still giving back to our customers, even after our 60th Anniversary year. Quality Seafood has always given you one of the largest, and finest, selections of seafood on the west coast, all while offering great value, and a unique experience.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled, so you can be the next Quality Seafood Sweepstakes Winner!


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2 Responses to New Years Sweepstakes Winner

  1. Dan

    How do I buy a gift card of my own?

    • CJ

      Hi Dan,
      You are welcome to come in to purchase one with cash or a credit card.
      Another option is to mail a check to:
      Quality Seafood, 100 S. International Boardwalk, Redondo Beach, CA 90277
      This option may take up to two weeks depending on the mail though as we would need to receive the check and after clears, we would mail out the card. We can mail the card back to either you or your intended recipient, whichever address you provide.
      I am sorry , we cannot accept credit cards over the phone.
      Thank you,

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